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Iran Plast 2018 to Kick off on Monday

 Iran Plast 2018 to Kick off on Monday

Sunday، 23 September 2018 | Article Rating

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The Iranian capital, Tehran, is to host the 12th Iran Plast Showcase from September 24 to 27, 2018 with exhibitors from 35 countries.

Director of the showcase Reza Khalaj said empowering Iran's plastic industries is one of the advantages of holding such showcases.

He said "Boom in Global Plastic Business" is this year's slogan for the exposition which will kick off on Monday (September 24) through September 27, adding the fair was organized in 20 halls in 30,000 square meters of land at Tehran's permanent fairgrounds.

Mr. Khalaj further added that exhibitors from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Cyprus, Belgium, Serbia, Thailand, Greece, India, Netherlands, Turkey, China, Taiwan and South Korea were to display their latest achievements in plastics industry at the showcase.

Furthermore, the secretariat of the fair has invited foreign delegations from 13 countries to pay a visit to the event.

Iranian and foreign petrochemical producers, industrialists, businesspersons and delegations are scheduled to descent to the annual showcase to hunt out opportunities for their businesses.

Completion of the petrochemical value-chain, technology transfer, diversification of the finished items, finding and bonding with partners and investors, marketing and tapping new export markets for petrochemical, polymer and end-user items, machinery, equipment and services are some of the main objectives sought by holding the showcase.

This year's Iran Plast is outstanding given the growing value of FOREX which makes exports more palatable for industrialists and imposition of crippling sanctions on Tehran's oil sector by the White House which offers room to petrochemical exporters to enhance their exports. Therefore, a new record in the number of exhibitors and participants at the expo is expected this year.

So far, 15 industrials and business delegations from 13 countries have finalized their applications to attend the fair. The delegations are from such countries as Iraq (two delegations), Azerbaijan (two delegations), Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Turkey, India, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Vietnam, Lebanon and Kenya.  

 Visitors from UAE, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Armenia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, Kuwait, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Italy, France, Germany, Romania, Spain, Croatia, Colombia , Canada, etc. have finalized their presence in the 12th Iran Plast Showcase.

Moreover, officials from 4 leading petrochemical and plastics exhibitions from Germany's K Fair, Italy's Milan Plast, Arab Plast and Afghan Plast are scheduled to visit the fair which will be held at Tehran's permanent fairgrounds in four sections (raw materials, finished and semi-finished goods, machinery, equipment and services).  

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  • Iran Plast 2018 to Kick off on Monday
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