The company was founded in 2011 by Pasargad Energy Development, Arian Mahtab Gostar, and Omid Taban Hour (as the main shareholders) to participate in a tender held by Iran's Privatization Organization. The company currently owns the combined cycle power plant in Urmia, with a capacity of 1,502 megawatts. Urmia power plant has always actively participated in providing energy readiness and ancillary services under the pricing system of the Power System Manager (Iran Grid Management Company). The construction project of three steam unit sections of Urmia combined cycle power plant was completed at the end of 2022, and 480 megawatts was added to the plant's total nominal capacity. Also, some of the gas units of the power plant have been upgraded simultaneously with the major overhaul and their nominal capacity has increased. The power plant currently has three energy production blocks of combined cycle with a nominal capacity of 1,502 megawatts.

Main activities

Participation in energy markets such as the wholesale energy market, energy exchange, and bilateral contracts

Management and supervision of operation, maintenance, and repair of the Urmia combined cycle power plant

Urmia combined cycle power plant specifications

Type of power plant: combined cycle

Turbine type:

  • Upgraded gas turbine (V94-2 – version 3) Toga, upgraded to version 5: 174.5 MW x 4
  • Gas turbine (V94-2 – version 5) Toga: 162 MW x 2
  • Steam turbine (E Type) Toga: 160 MW x 3
  • Capacity under ISO conditions: 1502 MW

Main fuel: natural gas

Backup fuel: diesel


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Field of activity
Management and supervision of operation and maintenance of Urmia combined cycle power plant (1444 MW)