Pars Behin Palayesh Naft Qeshm

The company as an investor of the 35,000-barrel heavy crude oil refinery in Pasargad Qeshm, is one of the largest producers of bitumen in Iran and a subsidiary of "Pasargad Energy Development Company" located on Qeshm Island. The Pasargad Qeshm heavy crude oil refinery has the capacity to produce one million tons of various penetrating bitumen grades including 50/40, 70/60, 100/85 and approximately 5.7 million barrels of light crude oil cuts per year. This refinery is designed in a way that light crude oil can be converted into Naphtha, White Oil and Gasoil cuts.

As a fully private company, this complex is the only producer of bitumen with "crude oil feedstock" that, by utilizing its refining, storage and exclusive dock facilities as a single unit, has "quality advantages" and "easy access" for its customers in addition to its strategic location.


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Unit 911, 9th floor, No.38, Hamila Center, Fallahzadeh Blvd., Pounak, Tehran
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Refinement of extra heavy crude oil and production and export of bitumen and light products