Arman Pasargad Energy Technologies Development Company (APETDC) is a leading provider of licenses, technical know-how, equipment and start-up services for refinery and petrochemical units in Iran. Our vision is to become the first technology supplier for the oil industry in the value-chain completion cycle, and a world-class competitor for regional technology providers.

Our services include

Technology monitoring and evaluation for the country's industries, from identification to acquisition and application

Research, procurement and development of technical know-how for existing or new industrial units

Infrastructure development and facilitation for technology transfer

Technical specification and negotiation with technology suppliers

Contracting for technology and technical know-how supply

Catalyst procurement and supply for refinery and petrochemical units

Equipment, machinery and device procurement and supply with the related technologies

Optimization and problem-solving consultancy for production unit operations

Facility design, construction and operation with related technical savvy

Technical know-how development for refinery and petrochemical products and catalysts

Strategic chemical development for complementary, refinery and petrochemical industries

Research on updating technologies for refinery and petrochemical production units and other industries, aiming to increase productivity, economic benefits, safety and environmental protection

Research on catalysts and chemicals for refinery and petrochemical industries and offering their production technology to customers and stakeholders

Utilization of lessons learned from process unit upgrading


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Field of activity
Providing licenses and technical knowledge required for refinery and petrochemical units, as well as providing equipment and commissioning