The "Energic" Innovation Center has been established by Apadana Ventures, a leading development company in collaboration with three major energy companies, in the Petroleum Engineering Faculty of Amirkabir University of Technology. With a variety of spaces including an accelerator, coworking space, dedicated work offices, training room, meeting rooms, rest area, game area, restaurant, and located in the center of Tehran (in close proximity to one of the most prominent centers of knowledge production), the Energeek Innovation Center has special advantages for the establishment of entrepreneurs, innovative and knowledge-based companies, and representatives of large companies in the oil and energy sector of the country.

Representatives of major and active companies in the oil and energy sector can achieve their goals in solving related problems with lower costs by presenting their technological needs and using the solutions offered by capable entrepreneurs and companies in Energeek. Small and innovative companies can also accelerate their company development process by using acceleration services, accessing specialized and professional network of consultants and coaches, and gaining access to the market of large companies.


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