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Downstream Oil & Gas

Downstream Oil & Gas

The current production of local refineries can supply almost 70 percent of the national demand and the rest of the consumption need to be imported. On the other hand, refineries in iran enjoy the privilage of convenient feed availability at a compatible price.These opprotunities coupled with the strategic location of iran in the Middle East , furnish the right envirnment foe estabilshing new refineries . To participate in this flourishing market, PEDC has several projects an locations under study to take part in the local an international market. for instance due to significant growth of light oil and bitumen consumption in the region and the world ,Qeshm Pars Behin Oil Refinery Co.as a subsidiary of PEDC has decided to build the refinery to process heavy crude oil with capacity of 35000 BPD and jetty for the export of products and import of feed offshore field in Qeshm Island. In 2014 national iranian oil Company invited reputable an specialzed investors to build 8 gas condensate refineries, in Siraf, to process 480000 BPD of South Pars condensate.
PEDC has been selected as one of the investors to estabilish a 60000 BPD condensate refinery which will produce Naphta and light hydrocarbon products for domestic use export.

Trunk Pipeline and Storage Facilities
with the world second largest natural gas reservers and a huge consumer base market, iran offer an interesting opportunity for new and expansion trunk pipeline projects. Moreover, due to Iran's strategical location and vast area, it has many potentials for local and exporting pipeline projects. Similar situations in Iran oil industry exist nfor transporation to refineries, storage for swap and export. In order to benefit from these opportunities, PEDC is considering several projects in diffrerent locations. In june 2015 , Pasargad Energy Development Company signed a BOT contract with National Iranian Gas Company to export 40 Million(Nm3/Day) natural gas Compressor Stations will be installed along the pipeline to maintain the transportation pressure to destination. The contract duration is 2 years for project completion.

Based on the availability of feedstock at a premium rate , many operational petrochemical plants, technical expertise and a vast local market coupled with extensive experience, Iran petrochemical industry with its soild foundations promises a bright future for investment. benefitting from this opportunity and focusing on the high technology, PEDC is studying many specialized upstream and downstream petrochemical projects with bigh value adding potentials to achieve a suitable rate of return and a fair market share. PEDC,s general strategy is estabilishment of complexes with emphasis on value creation over petrochemical value chains. In tis regard :
-PEDC have already abtained approval and secured the feedstock for establishment of Butyl Rubber complex in Bandar Imam special zone.
-PEDC is developing two Methanol and downstream chemical parks in Zanjan and Kerman provinces.
-PEDC is also commencing a greenfield fertilizer project in Chabahar frezone area.
-Persian development in the largest ambitious of the group, the complex is a large propylene an propylene derivatives, park.

PEDC is developing a mega plant for manufacturing of around 650 kt/y of polyolefin products based on Natural Gas feedstock (Methanol, Olefin and Polyolefin plants) in Chabahar Free Zone.