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Midstream Oil & Gas

Midstream Oil & Gas

Oil products trade

Consider the fact that Iran is located in the world’s center of oil trade, and the country is one of the major oil producers in the world that is surrounded by both producers and consumers of oil products, there is a considerable potential for business in the field.

The major producers, and as well as consumers, of oil products are located in surrounding countries which many of them are almost exclusively accessible from Iran . Most of these countries does not have direct access to waterways, while are considered as major producers and consumers.

This strategic location of the country provides the best opportunity for oil products trading in the region .

Iraq’s growing production capacity with very limited access to the international waters for shipping, and having a long border with Iran , provides one of the best oil products trading potentials to neighboring countries .

Consumers like Afghanistan , Armenia and UAE are connected to producers via Iran;s road, railways and ports located in the south and north of the country , which makes Iran almost exclusive oil product supplier for such countries.

Based on this opprtunitty seavan company is formed for regional oil products trading.

Chemical and petro chemical products trade

Considering Irans’s appropriate infrastructure and availability of vast oil and gas resevers in the country and comparative advantage of oil refinery and petrochemical plants, many of such plants have been estabilished and many other similar projects are under execution.

This situation has provided a considerable trading opportunity in Iran’s chemical and petrochemical industries market.

This trading opportunity encompasses the sales of the products to local and international market and providing the needs for upstream and downstream industries, wich include; chemicals, equipment, spare parts and catalysts.

PEDC is also involved in marketing and sales of petrochemical products in the international markets as well as supplying Iran’s petrochemical downstream industries. For this purpose Behin Energy Saramad Co. is formal in 2012 and its corporate goal is to become one of the business leader in the Middle-East.

Power Generation trade

Selling of the power , produced by private sector , through free Energy Market, has recently become possible.

By taking advantage of this opportunity,different Power transaction forms would be possible as follow:

  • Selling the Power in Whole sale market by concluding contract with Iran Grid Management Company
  • Selling the Power , by concluding direct bilateral contract with consumer, and paying the grid transit cost.
  • Selling the Power in free Energy Market via broker .
  • Selling the Power to retail sellers through bilateral contract with Free Energy Market .
  • Reail sale of Power by acquiring retail sale permission.
  • Buying Power from Free Energy Market and resell at appropriate time.]

Since PEDC owns several power generating plants in different location of the country, and having access to the grid, this new trading opportunity makes us very flexible in the above mentioned areas, which enables us to have access to a diversified range of customers, Markets and also export.