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Tadbir Sazan Saramad Company.

 (Urumieh combined cycle  Power Plant)


Urumieh W.Azarbaiyjan Province , Iran

Area                120 Ha

Nominal production capacity.

(At ISO condition)                                               954 MW.

Number of Units.

Mapna (V94.2) gas turbine                              4x157.5 

Mapna Gas turbine                                            2x162

Main fuel:                                                            Natural gas

Backup fuel                                                        Gas oil

In 2011  Tadbir Sazan Saramad Company which was formed by PEDC, Mahtab Gostar and Omid Investment Company,as its main share holders, participated in the bid, which the invitation was published by Privatization Organization,  and acquired the power plant.

Since that time the company has been able to deliver power to the grid via its 230 KV substation as shown in following table in Mw-H.









The plant has always been continuously operational and received the full contract price from the client for the full capacity and the above figures represent the actual client’s demand delivered to the grid.

Currently the company is installing 3 steam power unit, with total capacity of more than 460 MW, to convert the power plant to combined cycle

By completion of these 3 units the plant will have 3 combined cycle  power generation block with total capacity of more than 1414 MW.