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Ostovan Kish Drilling Company (OKDC) is a growing Iranian based Private Join Stock Company (P.J.S) that as an affiliated company of Pasargad Energy Development Company (PEDC) has been working as an onshore and offshore drilling company since its establishment in early 2011. With more than a hundred years of honorable history in Oils &Gas industry, localized drilling experience in Iran, including drilling services management and ownership of underground hydrocarbon reservoirs, along with a knowledge of diverse market and understanding of Iran’s unique geological nature, the Company has made a conscientious decision to enter in to the Iranian drilling contracting market utilizing the most high quality modern multipurpose drilling equipment, experienced staff and solutions orientated focus which provides safe and high performance, high value professional services and drilling solutions primarily to Iran’s oil and gas industries, in a way that OKDC has grown to be one of the most respected drilling companies in IRAN over these past years, offering an unmatched range of specialist services to an extensive range of clients with whom we are pleased to have developed excellent working relationships.

 OKDC currently focuses on Operating & Management of a fleet of 2 specified Jack-Up drilling units(existing and under construction)owned by PEDC, but its core business is to strive to achieve contracting Onshore &Offshore drilling projects. Moreover, the Company provides Jack-Up construction supervision services for other Clients, as well as supplying Operation and Managing  services to the drilling units owned by other Companies, in order to provides its customers with combination of varied services such as quality drilling and work-over services, since it is one of the Company key objectives to develop long-term working relationships with all of our clients by means of providing unrivalled levels of service throughout the whole range of drilling services, because OKDC strongly believes in truth it is the diversity and its flexibility that distinguishes it from other drilling contractors.


Quality and Client satisfaction are cornerstones for OKDC. In addition, OKDC is actively engaged in efforts to protect and improve the global environment. The Company does not in no way compromise in its commitment to compliance with the most stringent global quality assurance, public safety, and environmental international and national standards. With regard to establishment of Integrated Management System (IMS) within the Company, the process of Quality Management System is currently implementing by OKDC top management in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008, ISO/TS29001, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 international standards.



To be the most efficient and reputed Iranian private company working in the field of drilling of Oil &Gas wells and operating and management of offshore and onshore drilling units. 


Drilling operation, work-over of Oil &Gas wells and operating and management of offshore and onshore drilling units.


•             Adherence to professional ethics.

•             Giving the most priority to human capital and strive to maintain and enhance the health and safety of employees along with protection of the environment.

•               To establish and maintain an honorable and flourishing working atmosphere in addition to development of meritocratic system.

•             To promote the culture of honesty and trustworthiness in employees.

•             Strive to protect and secure the interests of all Company interested parties.