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Engineering Support Technology Development Co. (ESTD)
Main Activity : Engineering Services and Developing Computational Models
Founded in 2012, Engineering Support Technology Development (ESTD) works in developing and providing engineering services and computational Models for energy industry by utilizing several exceptional graduates of top Iranian universities in various fields.
Having obtained knowledge and experience in modeling and simulation, this company is completely capable of creating and developing specific - purpose simulation programs and providing engineering services including design, optimization and handing technical issues in all sectors of energy industry.
The most significant activity of this company to this moment has been the development of a 3D dynamic simulator model for Iranian hydro-carbonate reservoris which has been tested and validated by the NIOC. ESTD is currently marketing the said Fractured Black Oil Simulation software (RETINA-Black Oil 1) with well, aquifer and fault modeling.
The company evaluated this program with data of Iranian reservoris in official cooperation with subsidiaries of National Iranian oil company (NIOC) and obtained certificates from National Iranian South Oil fields company (NISOC), Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC), Iranian Central Oil Fields Compant (ICOFC) and Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) .