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PEDC is established as a holding company for investing in energy and related industries in 2008

We have more than 25,000 billion Rials of asset under management (book value of assets is about 13000) , that grew about 20 times during the last 5 years, including power plants, offshore drilling rigs and drilling services machineries, and a gas pipe production plant. We are in early stage of our development plans and we are considering projects for further investment exceeding 9 billion USD for the next 5 years . That will position us in top 5 biggest Iranian companies.

Soild performance of our company in the past 5 years have secured our postion in the market . now we are one of the most trusted operators in dirlling services nationwide. We started acquiring 3 power plants and buying a new drilling rig.

Net profit margin of about 30% is indicator of our wise investments in the past which is rarely seen in the energy business and return on capital of more than 40% shows our commitment to our values towards stakeholders. Average revenue growth of 138% in the past 5 years is another key point to consider as our engagement toward our goals. Maintaining this remarkable results will be harder as we grow and requires more endeavor and commitment that we have to provide.